One Small Step

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One Small Step

Post by lunar_andie on Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:28 pm

Howdy folks,

I've run bits of our idea past some of the management at the food co-op, as well as by a coworker who knows Kathryn at Amara Yoga quite well. She's also mentioned we ought to reach out to Brian Dolinar at the IMC about possibly hosting events there. As well, the managers I spoke to saw no problem with approaching the Produce department about allocating shrink (unsellable product) for our cause.

With this in mind, the next steps if we want to continue this approach (Amara + IMC) are to draft emails to both Kathryn and Brian.

So, to the point. Who wants to help draft initial communications?


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Re: One Small Step

Post by mrso.champaignurbana on Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:38 pm

Hey! I made another post under "Free Food Project" that addresses a few of the things here. Check it out!


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